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A safe drug and surgery free treatment available to everybody allowing the body to heal itself.


Our bodies have an amazing natural ability to heal themselves however may need a little help. This leading holistic treatment is the answer; through spinal adjustment and manipulation of soft tissues the Chiropractor can help you regain free movement and significantly ease the pain.


Commonly people suffering injuries and sports injuries, such as tennis elbow and repetitive strain, use Chiropractic to treat these problems. Muscles and joint problems commonly cause pain in the following areas:

Chiropractic care - take the safe, effective holistic approach

Suffering from back pain?

Dr James Shervell also treats children’s spinal problems. As a baby grows he/she will fall and bump which could damage their delicate spine, this isn't always detectable until late on. If you have any worries regarding your child’s spine contact the clinic for guidance.

Back pain? Help it today.


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Chiropractic treatment for lower back pain and more

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Chest and Ribs




Feet and Ankle


Hand and Wrist

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Treatment Costs:

An hour long exam is £45, if appropriate this will include your first treatment.


Subsequent treatments are £40.


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